The History of Modbury, Devon

Modbury lies in a hollow and is surrounded by the rolling hills and ridges of the South Hams in Devon.  Visitors are surprised and delighted by its dignified terraced houses, slate-hung walls, old shop windows and classical doorways - an urban landscape within a rural setting.

The earliest documented history of Modbury is found in the Domesday Book and the town has seen many developments and events over the centuries including two civil war battles.  Today Modbury remains a thriving town with a strong community spirit.  The Heritage project aims to raise awareness of the local history of the town.

The history and heritage of Modbury, Devon, UK

Church Street, Modbury 2004.  Photograph by Alistair Davis.

There were four partners who provided support for the project:

  • The Modbury Parish Council
  • The Modbury History Society
  • St George’s Church
  • The Modbury Society

This web site presents the four elements of the Heritage project.


Local Heritage Initiative

This web site represents the completion of a Community Heritage Project, which has been funded by the Local Heritage Initiative, Lottery Fund, administered by The Countryside Agency, with additional funding from the Nationwide Building Society.